Create a Project Vision

As a mission-driven not-for-profit, the Women’s Institute has a strong organizational commitment to working in collaboration with local partners. Our staff is experienced in real estate development, program design, affordable housing finance and project management, and we seek partners and organizations that complement our skills and expertise and share our values.


Every development project that we work on consists of:

    • Analyzing project possibilities and coming up with creative and comprehensive project strategies that reflect the vision of the local Sponsor; Making linkages that will enhance the project design and operation;
    •  Building community support by identifying key local stakeholders (area residents, nearby businesses, government officials, non-profits) at key stages of the process and incorporating their ideas and concerns into the overall project development;
    •  Incorporating high quality, cost effective design that includes smart growth and energy efficiency while fitting in with the historic and cultural nature of the surrounding neighborhood;
    • Analyzing the advantages, restrictions and opportunities presented by various funding sources, and developing a comprehensive plan to fund capital development, supportive services and ongoing operating costs; and
    • Developing housing that maximizes the quality of life for the residents, increases their ability to be successful in housing and move toward economic security, and maximizes their opportunities for integration within the larger community.