Preserving and Stabilizing Existing Housing

Having a 30+ year history working with a myriad of non-profit service organizations, boards, resident groups and public agencies, we bring a unique focus to acquisition of properties for preservation or creation of affordable housing. Our ability to listen to and work with these stakeholders in a collaborative manner sets us apart from typical affordable housing finance consultants and developers.

To each of our projects we bring:

  • Our ability to identify issues (capital needs/ownership structure/operating subsidy) and to develop long term strategies to address these needs.
  • Our track record of accessing funding and ensuring that supportive housing projects are not overleveraged with debt. (In situations where projects are overleveraged, we have been successful in restructuring debt.)
  • Our flexibility to work in a variety of roles – either as consultant, asset manager or developer/owner, or partner.

There are many possible scenarios where we can step in to assist in the preservation of affordable housing. Examples of these include:

  • Owner has a property they want to sell but needs assistance understanding restrictions from the existing funding sources.
  • Owner has a property with deferred maintenance and in need of a plan for a new infusion of capital to maintain a viable and successful ownership.
  • Owner has a tax credit partnership in its 15th year of compliance and the existing partners desire to exit the partnership and the deal needs to be restructured and new partners introduced.
  • Owner wishes to remove itself from the ownership structure but still desires to stay involved in an advisory capacity or as the service provider.